5 Tips On Preventing Pipe Bursts

A pipe burst is not a situation you want to experience at home. It can cause considerable damage. You could experience water damage, lose personal items, go through an insurance claim and work through the process of restoring the affected areas. Here are 5 tips to prevent a pipe burst from happening in your house:

Know the signs your pipes are freezing

A sure-fire sign that you could have ice build up in your pipes is if you have water flow issues. If you turn on the tap and the pressure is poor or there is little water coming from the faucet, you need to investigate. Check the basement for leaks. Follow the path of the pipes in your home and look for signs of water. If you find frozen pipes, you can try to thaw them yourself, but you are better off calling a plumber or restoration professional. They have the tools and experience to prevent a pipe from bursting.

Winterize your exterior faucets

Disconnect the hose from your exterior faucet. If you leave it connected water will not be able to fully drain. Once you disconnect the hose, shut off the valve to the exterior taps. You can usually find it in the basement. Then open the tap to allow excess water to drain. Leave the tap open for the winter.

Don’t turn the heat off before going on vacation

Are you planning to take a winter vacation this year? Going away for a couple of days over the holidays? Do not turn off your heat when you leave. You can turn down the temperature but avoid the temptation to turn it down too low to save a few dollars on your energy bill. 

Turning down the temperature too much could increase the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting. If this happens when you are away, you could have a leak for days without anyone finding it. This could cause extensive damage. 

If you are going to be away from an extended period, have someone check in on your home from time to time.

Insulate your pipes

If you have pipes in your basement, attic or they are close to an exposed exterior wall, its important for you to insulate them. You can do this buy purchasing a wrap that goes around the pipe. You can also install heat tape or a pipe warmer to help prevent freezing. At a very minimum, you should wrap your pipes with a thick towel.

Open Cabinet Doors

Keep your cabinet doors open if you have a sink or plumbing that is exposed to an exterior wall. You will know if you need to keep the door open if you open it and it is much colder than the rest of your house. Check the kitchen, laundry room, and all bathrooms. 

If you notice your pipes have frozen or one has burst, time is of the essence. Call a restoration professional as soon as possible. You can call us at 416-639-1722 anytime. We can help you with all your restoration needs.

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